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Xeal Gaming provides you a world-class gaming experience regardless of your age and nationality. You will get to meet players from various continents, and build great friendships through Xeal's forums and Teamspeak. You will be empowered to play Minecraft in every imaginable way; farming in your own colossal skyscrapers, PVP in carefully built arenas, mining deep within the earth, building your most epic architectural creation, and more. Your creations and properties are protected from other players' destruction with our Faction Plugin and the enforcement of our staff team. Even if property has been destroyed, staff can rollback such actions, and every player will be more than willing to lend you a hand in helping you recover.

Survival World - Also known as the main world of the server, this world is in Survival (SMP) mode and is the world that the server revolves around. There are many MMO aspects to this world including factions, economy, shops, jobs and so much more!

Games World - This world is filled with excitement! Play a game Parkour, PvP, or even TNTRun! There are various difficulties and themes to the parkour arenas! The arenas are fully functional and can range from "babysteps" to "damnhard!". The games world will never cease to fulfill your amusement!

Plots World - Creative mode is given on this world, you can unleash your creativity here and build as you so desire, starting with 2 extremely large plots of size 80x80 is given to each player! More plots are allocated to people of higher rank or people whom have donated to the server.

SkyBlock World - Live on an island, invite your friends to help you on your journey to become the top island on the server, get resources by building farms and completing challenges!

Survival Games - Fight to the death against other players in order to gain the winning position! There are chests filled with loot waiting for adventurers like you to open them and discover the weapons and armour inside of them!

Powerful Dedicated i7-4770K at 4.2 GHz - Lagless TPS! (19.8-20) -Dedicated Memory! (12GB) - High Average Players! (25-60) -24/7 Uptime! (Never down) - Hosted in SG (with low ping!) - KeepInventory = TRUE - Active staff and admins