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Pixelmon Version: MC 1.12.2, forge required.

Mining: Get paid to mine in our refilling mine area, farm on the top level and more!
Pixelmon: Hunt for special pokemon and get rewarded for it! Train a whole team or fill your pc with every pokemon you can find. There are gyms to find and battle all over the map, including 8 custom cities with 8 special badges which are run by players and npcs for ease.
Houses: Purchase houses in towns using a door and signs system with lockette! And for an extra ingame fee of $5000 you can have your house turned into a survival region with full craftbook enabled!
Craftbook 4: Craftbook 4 is a server enhancing plugin that adds new physics and mechanics. With no extra mods needed!
Dynmap: Get to know where you are on the map and others using Dynmap!