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Welcome to CatCraft!
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Low Uptime: The server was down for a little while to change a few features and for several other reasons, but we're back now!

CatCraft runs a fun survival experience with new features being added frequently.

Why We're the Best
CatCraft is a great place to come and meet new people. This server has a very casual nature, which means we try to keep the environment clean and friendly for all. If you happen to lose something or have trouble due to a server bug, staff and the other members are almost always there to help you out.

Not Just Another Server
CatCraft has a great and friendly community that has a tendency of drawing in new people. We're active over Discord as well, giving players another place to socialize, even when they're not on the server. With chat rooms set up so you can talk to players on the server, you can be a part of the community anytime you want. Don't just settle for any server. Stay a while and have some fun!