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Corteria Survival

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Corteria is on 1.14.4 so it offers new blocks and mechanics like Pandas, Foxes, new types of Villagers, Pillagers and much more!

Custom made class system with 12 classes, each with a cool perk and an infinite amount of class changes!

There is Grief Prevention allowing players to claim land so there is no griefing, raiding or stealing! Players also keep their inventory on death to avoid the most unpleasant part of minecraft which is losing your items. You can make public & private warp points to make your own community or even a city. And to be extra sure there is safe trading of items, exp, mcmmo levels and grief prevention blocks with /trade!

Each player gets 3 sethomes and you earn more sethomes by playing and voting.

Envoy events that happen every 2 hours filled with awesome loot!