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Mostly vanilla server with some 'quality of life enhancements,' featuring GriefPrevention and sethomes, while maintaining the integrity of a regular Minecraft experience. With active, friendly staff and management, Discord, and Forums, Paper-Craft strives to provide the best experience for its community.

We offer:
- Claims, protect your base!
- Generous /sethomes for regular players
- PVP outside of claims
- NO Keep Inventory!
- Griefing/raiding is A-OK outside of claims*
- Access to /wb as a regular player, among other commands and benefits!
- NO game-breaking "rare items"
- Soon: Mini-games!
- Eventually: Other world options, as the player base grows and the demand rises.
Donators can enable /fly inside their own claim for themselves and/or others with any level of trust!
Visit the website for more information:
*be careful who you /trust, as they will be able to betray you