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Apex is a newly created network with a few options to choose from. With a fully custom Bending server loosely based around Avatar: The Last Airbender, an Anarchy server so you can go insane to your wildest dreams, and an amazingly put together Prison! We have a multitude of things to do, including:
* PvP- Take on the role of a bender or astronaut and show off your moves to your friends and enemies!
* PvE- Use your element and take it for the ultimate test. The custom mob bosses.
* Factions- Not feeling the PvP or PvE element? Hop on over to the survival world in Bending and create your own faction!
* Cosmetics- With over 100 cosmetic items to choose from.
* Marketplace- You have the option to head over to our Market and purchase new abilities and items with in-game currency.
* Bending Tournaments Weekly- Within Bending, there are bending tournaments in which anyone can participate to show off their skills, have fun, and win prizes. Great fun for everyone involved.
* Updates and Responsive Admins- Updates happen frequently to improve the server’s capabilities, from new types of Bending to evening out the playing ground.