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What is Bloom?
Bloom is a community driven creative and survival server, we have a refined ranking system with both builder and social ranks so if you are not the best builder you can still progress!
Players can work together on massive projects in freebuild, enjoy building in our huge plots or just play classic survival with friends!
What ever you feel like doing, you can do it here!

What features do we have?
Plot world - Up to 30 huge 145x145 Plots! Free forever.
Freebuild - Access to a shared natural terrain world only for advanced builders. Trusted members only.
Private worlds - When you hit our highest rank you gain access to your own private world to have control over everything!
Museum World - A showcase of all our best previous works including big city's and monuments!
Survival - A vanilla survival experience only for trusted players so you are protected.

What do you need to join?
Nothing! You can hop on and start building right away!
To access survival everyone who joins are trusted players which means you need to rank up your social first!