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Enjoy a custom, Unique minecraft server that aims to keep you interested by bringing you new content and custom events weekly.

Play survival like youve never played before. Rank up to the top rank and unlock commands, KITS, dungeons, and access to a Unique Hack and Slash Dimension, THE PASSAGE. Compete against your friends and other players for the top Balance and MCMMO levels.

We have UNIQUE DUNGEONS opening all over the over world and the UNIQUE DIMENSION, THE PASSAGE. Explore the passage and fight some of the hardest mob bosses in minecraft! With a totem system that allows you to gain potion effects from having totems in your hotbar! Ex. Sugar Of Ianite a rare drop from an infernal mob gives speed 4 if you hold it in your hotbar. We are also EXPANDING a Loot Chest System with unique enchanted items!