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The Last Survivors is a survival server featuring a player-ran economy, allowing fair trade, and high flexibility for you to control your economy. There is also a ranking system based on the economy where ranking up gives you better perks! Other than this, there are 10 Heroic Items hidden deeply somewhere on the server and guarded by bosses; there will only be one in the entire server, allowing players to have multiple objectives, and play Minecraft in their own style! PvP is enabled, but grief-prevention is embedded to bring balance. There are also many more cool features like realistic trees, mini-bosses all around the world to give you loot when defeated, companions that give you buffs, and custom enchantments that bring your gears to a different level! We also have a super friendly community so be sure to join our discord, so you don't miss any giveaways, and events as they are hosted quite frequently!