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Welcome to Cookies & Chill

We are a community of like minded people that chats about anything and everything, plays all sorts of games and has loads of fun!

We run a whitelisted Vanilla(-ish) server with some quality of life addons:
- Custom Bosses (to add a little something after the Dragon and Wither)
- Custom: Advancements, Recipes (re-dye any colored block), Custom Wandering Trader trades
- 1 player sleep, Shulkers always drop 2 shells, Dragon drops elytra, Shulker backpacks, Fast leaf decay and Veinmeiner: ores, wood and crops, XP Storage, Armor Stand Editor, Graves, Chairs

We have per player mob cap enabled meaning your farms will always run at max. All our mob settings (cap, despawn / activation) distance are Vanilla

To play on our Minecraft server you must first join our Discord server @

All our servers are being backed up on a hourly basis so in case something happens we have it fully covered. We take griefing very seriously and if we do encounter someone stealing they will get permanently banned from our community without an option to return and all their actions from the time they joined the server reverted.