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Come join an awesome Semi Vanilla Survival Server! We offer a quick start play multiplayer survival in a single player-like setting and run a high end dedicated server.

You’ll join with basic supplies, just walk a few hundred blocks from spawn or use the easy random teleport (/rtp) to find a secluded spot to call your own. We offer Grief Prevention and land claiming to save all your hard work from wannabe griefers.

Don't forget to visit spawn from time to time using the /spawn command. Near spawn you can find the village shops to trade your gathered resources for all kinds of items to accent your build. Don't worry, even if the random teleport gets you thousands of blocks from spawn, you can always get back to your build using the /home command after you've set your home using /sethome

We strive to provide a fun welcoming community. We look forward to seeing you and your amazing builds.