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Are you suffering from playing on Minecraft servers where you can get only settled places to build with a farm world, or you have to ask a OP to get building rights?
On EVOLUTION OF DARKNESS everything a player is building is automatically protected against changes throught other players.
You can also build with friends by adding them to your Friendlist.
On infinite worlds, you have the choice of the location for your projects, build wherever you want (with exception of the entrance hall).
- automatic griefing Protection
- Several worlds with different (weather, day / night cycle)
- LWC = (chests, doors and dispenser protection)
- Commandsigns = (command execution by clicking on signs.)
- Chestshop = (buying and selling items, simply by left / right click)
- Iconomy = (money and banking system)
- Timber plugin = (trees collapse when the strain is removed.)
- Events and Event plugins = (PvP / PvE events may vary from time to time)
- Various security plugin = (to prevent spammers and cheaters)
- and more...
New plugins can also be added at the request of a majority of players.