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Hello!! Are you looking for a Survival server based around community, economy, and has features like Towny, Optional-Golden shovel claiming, Enchants plus, fishing tournaments, jobs, player markets, tons of ways to earn money, then unlock commands using that money? Sounds like Serene is the way to go for you!!
Our server is packed full of features, however I'm only going to list some of them here!!
- Enchants plus (Lots of extra enchantments to enhance your fun!)/Back given by default! Tons of commands to unlock using in-game money! Jobs Crates Progressive Content Player Warps Player Shops Server Shop ArtMap Enhanced fishing system with tournaments Enhanced mining system Pets Trails Multiple cosmetic plugins, unlocked using in-game money Lottery Gemshop with custom items! Timed Effects! Use your in-game money to buy effects! Resource World Mob catchers