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Welcome to the LibertyLand Network!

Our network is based on the Towny gamemode, where you can build, join and create bases and towns. Gather resources or do epic PVP battles in /warp resources, fight the ender dragon in /warp end or would you rather get chased by a pigmen horde in /warp nether? It's up to you!

We support the latest Java and Bedrock version. You can link your Bedrock and Java accounts to sync your game between devices and play wherever you are, whenever you want!

It is a good idea to do /warp tutorial if you're new to the server (or simply forgot how it works ;) ). That will give you a headstart on how to get around and get into action as quickly as possible.

You can join our Discord server to socialize with other users and our staff team. We provide a system which allows you to link your Discord and Minecraft account, as well as channels to chat with people in-game. This way, you'll always be the first to know the latest announcements and status updates!

You can vote for us every day to earn money and if you have a bit of luck OP prizes; but also to help us grow!