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TechNode FirmaCraft is a mod pack based around the popular TerraFirmaCraft mod pack. It combines the more complex survival of TFC with various tech mods and offers very good integration between the mods.

The HappyDiggers TnFC server is one of the very few public TechNode FirmaCraft servers. We offer various ways to protect your builds and cooperate with other players on the server. Check out the information at spawn.

What you need to join is the TechNode FirmaCraft mod pack which is available on the ATLauncher. Currently we are running version TechNode FirmaCraft version 3.6 but be sure to check the exact requirements on our website as we may not always keep this listing up to date sorry!. For now we strongly suggest that you install TnFC without the Prattle and Weather2 mods and also update FastCraft to version 1.25 or later and install OptiFine.