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Radiant Realms (1.8-1.16.3) Unique Survival Experience | Towny Season 1 JUST RELEASED! [Towny] [Custom TopTowns] [McMMO] [Jobs] [Auctions] [RTP]

Is there something missing from your Towny experience? We aim to satisfy you with our TownyLevels plugin! Now you can compete with other towns by Block Level! Come enjoy the Skyblock like experience in Semi-Vanilla minecraft! Join us today and experience our custom plugin that allows you to level up your town just by placing blocks! Compete for top town and get rewards at the end of the season based on your towns rank! We have an amazing top town interface (/t top) that shows the top 75 towns and all of their information!

A lot of awesome features are coming soon! Such as:

Streamer ranks

We are ALWAYS looking for community feedback, so come give us a try and let us know what you think!