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CovfefeCraft (Hermitcraft like server)

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Friendly and mature community.
Have you ever feel lonely playing in an empty world? Is it getting boring to only be able to interact with NPCs? Ever thought of playng like Hermitcraft? CovfefeCraft offers players a place to explore, fights, build, and trade with other players like Spice and Wolf! This is a world where beautiful builds can be appreciated and memories is cherished. If you like what you are hearing, feel free to apply to our whitelist! We respond extremely fast~
Beautiful Spawn Town with player-established shops everywhere!
Super active staff team that enjoys interacting with the players!
AFK Display : Greys out a player's name that is not moving for 5 minutes
Numerous Hermicraft Datapacks
Multiplayer Sleep : One player can skip through nights
Wandering Trades : Hermitcraft Season 7 Trades (Mini blocks!)
Apply here on our Discord (FAST REPLY!):