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Server is running in the UK, 1.16.4 Cross-platform (Java Edition, Pocket Edition/Bedrock Edition)
Everyone is welcome! From all regions and all languages!
* Server IP Java:
* Server IP for Bedrock/Pocket edition: , and the port is the default "19132" port
* Website:
* Discord:
We have spawn, a safe place where you can meet other people and buy/sell to server shops
- We have normal vanilla Survival World, and Creative World where you can build freely with worldEdit and Survival Fantasy World which is survival but has custom biomes and epic mobs.
- Teleport to players and to player warps
- Protect your lands, and choose permissions for your land, you can choose who can build in your land
- Ability to make a town, you can make plots in your main land to make a town or a mall or where ever your creativity takes you
- PVP is togglable, you can turn on or off pvp, and even when it is on you are not allowed to kill anyone without their permission to fight
- Ability to chat between discord and minecraft server! so you can talk to your friends in game while you are away, from discord!
- And much more!
Our Rules: You can find our rules in this discord channel: