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Prison was founded in 2013 with the idea of creating a quality Prison Server for the community. After years of development and expansion, we are making a massive comeback to completely revolutionize the Prison Gamemode. With our completely custom ideas and features, we guarantee to not only fund hours of fun competition, but also provide an amazing community driven experience.
Our Unique Features:
- Solo Competition with Weekly Payouts
- Completely Custom Pickaxe Upgrades
- Unique Custom Token Integration
- Player Gambling Systems
- Non-P2W Donation System
- Unique Island System
- Rankup Unlocks
- Prestiges w/ Individual Mines & Perks
- Lag-Free Optimized Environment
- Balanced PvP Systems w/ Custom Jar for Hit Detection
- Completely Custom AntiCheat
- Balanced but OP Crate Integration
- And Much more! Join today to begin your adventure!