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Welcome to RandomSkyBlock!

RandomSkyBlock is SkyBlock with a new twist. Instead of the original start on an island with a tree, you start on a single block of bedrock! Every 15 seconds, a random item drawn from the entire item catalog is deposited into your inventory. Will you get a block of diamond, or a dead bush? Youll find out every 15 seconds! From then on of course, you can continue to craft and build just as you would in any other SkyBlock world except in this case you have a constant influx of new materials to choose from. You might be surprised by just how fun this simple change makes the formula!

On top of that, at this current point in time, we have an awesome expansive PVP map featuring many layers, biomes, and hidden nooks and crannies. Gather and bring the gear youve acquired on your island to the warzone to plunder even more! Not to mention, just by exploring the warzone youll find loot in other ways than just PVP itself, but watch your back! Over time this will be expanded as player demand increases, weve got some cool builds up our sleeves!

We could go on and on but I know youre eager to get on at this point so lets just fire off some extra icing on the cake that we offer: Endless custom enchantments, NPCs to trade and craft with, unique random events to bestow loot upon you, crates to open with keys you gather, a multi-tiered economy with options for every play style, and more!