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The Vanilla Experience, or MC-TVE is the best survival server you can play on in 1.16.3. Bring your friends, or make new ones here in our awesome community. TVE offers a vanilla survival experience, with no plugins interrupting how the core aspect of the game should be played. The best part of TVE is the tight-knit community!

We host a creative server, a 100% whitelisted vanilla server (ask on the Discord if you're interested in this server!) and the semi-vanilla main survival server that's been up for nearly 3 years! Featuring some of the best plugins for survival servers: Dynmap, ArtMap, mcMMO, Plan, HeadDatabase, BetterSleeping, MoreFish, GriefDefender and Shop - we do not use a virtual currency!

Our rules are simple and straight-forward; the most important ones are:
1) Hacking or exploiting bugs/glitches is not allowed.
2) Griefing/Stealing/Raiding/Scamming is not allowed.
3) You must respect players, their area & surrondings.
4) Swearing is allowed, but do not over do it.
5) Homophobic & Racist remarks are not allowed.
6) Using alts to gain an advantage is not allowed.
7) Do not avoid being kicked by the AFK timer.