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PandaCraft is a server network owned and operated by BlackBeltPanda,
It currently features a Skyblock server inspired by the mods used in Agrarian Skies and Skyfactory, as well as a Towny server with Jobs, a dedicated Mining world, and a few custom features.

PandaCraft Skyblock features many custom items, most programmed by BlackBeltPanda, such as Automatic machines, Sieves, Compost Bins, Crooks, Pipes, and much, much more. There's also a custom Nether world that offers much to explore!
PandaCraft Towny features the classic Towny plugin, allowing you to claim land, create towns, and wage war against nations. There's also a dedicated mining world that resets regularly, a player-shop driven economy with the ability to search for items being sold, and much more!

Each server features an easy-to-navigate spawn, "/shop" anywhere menu, voting rewards, a VoteMine that resets at 100 votes, and tons more.
More servers are in the works, such as a Prison server, Magic server, and several unique minigames. Stay tuned!